Paris 16 Cosmetic Medicine Center

The cosmetic medicine center 16 is located on Avenue Victor Hugo, in Paris. It is a reference as cosmetic medicine center : Its operating theater is equipped with the latest technologies related to cosmetic medicine. A team of graduate doctors and cosmetic surgeons works there. The atmosphere is cosy, friendly, pleasant and reassuring.
Paris cosmetic center 16 is not far from l’Arc de Triomphe and the Champs Elysées, it will welcome you in its space dedicated to your beauty.

Medical facelift

Ultherapy Paris Esthétique 16

With Ultérapy.

Ultherapy focused ultrasounds is a non-invasive process without social eviction. It enhances the oval structure of the face. It tightens sagging skin in order to improve wrinkles on the chest. It raises the eyebrows and the sagging upper eyelids. It smoothes out the lower eyelids.

Skin rejuvenation

Radiofréquence LEGATO Paris Esthétique 16

With radio frequency (Légato II).

A technique that produces heat in subcutaneous tissues, which in turn induces retraction and collagen production.
Results: Clear improvement in firmness, skin tension and facial rejuvenation

Non surgical thinning

Amincissement Vanquish Paris 16

Elimination of fat (belly, hips, breeches, thighs, knees) with Vanquish.

New technology that uses the heat emitted by the radio frequency to obtain a lipolysis.
Advantage: non-invasive and painless method (2 to 4 sessions)


Injection de Botox Paris 16

Vistabel is the best current treatment to remove wrinkles from the upper part of the face. This treatment has an hindsight of more than thirteen years in France. It is a safe product providing perfect results for the upper part of the face.

Hyaluronic acid

Injection Acide Hyaluronique Paris 16

Hyaluronic acid is a natural substance in the skin, which contributes to its hydration.
Nowadays, this is the most widely used biocompatible and resorbably filling product
to fill the wrinkles and restore the volumes of the face.

V-lift thread lift procedure

V-lift fils tenseurs Paris 16

Le V-Lifting consists in inserting very thin tightening threads in areas under the skin following some lines of tension. This thick mesh favours the production of collagen.


Mésothérapie Paris 16

Revitalization of the skin and scalp by spray mesotherapy.
Painless technique that brings directly to the skin and scalp a cocktail of vitamins and anti-aging active ingredients.
Advantage: prevent skin aging

Laser hair removal

Epilation laser Paris 16

Everyone has body areas with unwanted hair. A definitive hair removal for women or men is possible in the Cosmetic Center 16. The latest laser technology used in our center meets the highest standards of safety for a definitive hair removal, whatever the colour of your skin is.


A chemical peeling is a chemical treatment, which helps the skin to take on a new brightness, it enhances and smoothes the texture of the skin and it is also an effective treatment for wrinkles. It is suitable for various types of skin.

Cosmetic medicine for men

médecine esthétique pour homme paris 16

Men aged 35 to 50 years old are more and more asking for cosmetic medicine. People want to be more attractive, they want to look younger and dynamic in their workplace. Or, they simply need to put an end to their complexes.
They have the same wish as women, they want to be reassured about their physical appearance and their power of seduction.

Paris Esthétique 16 – 45 Avenue Victor Hugo 75016 Paris – Tel: 01 47 20 07 77